Energy From Aluminum (Time: 02:21)

July 12, 2012

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include high efficiency; unmatched environmental performance; high quality power; fuel flexibility; quiet operation; simplicity (no moving parts); modularity/scalability, which lead to high reliability, flexible sitting and ease of maintenance; and adaptability to specialized application. Unlike solar and wind technologies, fuel cells operate continuously regardless of time of day or weather conditions and can be sited in any terrain. Altek Fuel Group, Inc., an alternative energy company, has developed and is ready to commercialize an affordable "breakthrough", alkaline fuel cell technology based on aluminum, water and air, which will fulfill tremendous demand for a reliable non-fossil source of energy and accelerate the commercial reality of fuel cell-powered portable and stationary devices. This fundamentally new technology enables development and manufacturing of a commercial autonomous electrical power supply and/or as a universal battery charger, with much longer performance, at least 5 to 10 times the longevity of currently available batteries.
Keywords: Fuel, Cell, Altek, Group, APS, 100, Alternative, Energy, Aluminum, Power, Electricity, New, Technology, Efficient, Lightweight

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